A Little Humour


Cool Cruncher
Nov 3, 2005
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A woman stepped out of the shower just as her Husband was getting in ,when the doorbell rang. "Answer that babe" said the man, so wrapping a towel around herself she went downstairs and opened the door. Bill the next door neighbour was standing there , he looked at here paused for a moment and then asked " I will give you £500 if you drop the towel , the woman was taken aback then realised her husband was in the shower so whats the harm . She lifted her arms and dropped the towel . Bill gave her the £500 and left . She closed the door then went upstairs , " Who was at the door " , "Oh just Bill "she replied.

He didn`t mention anything about that £500 he owes me did he !!!!

Classic :wave:


Apr 19, 2008
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Good one, kinda of thing my other half would do...She lacks in brain cells at times .....

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