A complicate database



Hi experts, I am not sure if I could explain this clear
enough to get your help, but I will try:

I create 5 tables called: Products (softwares), Order
details, Orders, customers, Locking codes tables.

We have varies products (products table) that customers
(customer table) order from(order details and orders
table). When customer received the products, they need
locking codes (locking codes table) to perform proper
installation. There are two major functions I want this
database to have: 1. products - orders - customers. 2.
products - locking codes - customers.

Now one customer could have many orders with many products
in each order. One product could have many customer orders
and many different customers. One order could have many
order details. One product could have many locking codes,

Relationships between every two table is:
1. products -- one to many -- order details -- many to
one -- orders -- many to one -- customers.

2. products -- one to many -- locking codes -- many to
one -- customers

Could any expert let me know if I am doing it right?

Thanks a lot.


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