9800 S-Video vs Composite quality issue


Tony DiMarzio

I am experiencing a problem with my 9800 pro. Using the ATI provided
S-Video to Composite adapter, which has more pins at the S-Video end than
I've seen on normal S-Video Connectors, in conjunction with an expensive and
high-quality composite video cable, I achieve much better image quality to
the TV than with an expensive( $50.00 10ft) and high-quality S-Video cable.
Does not make any sense. The video quality should be noticeably better with
the S-Video, but in this case it is the other way around. HOWEVER!! If I use
the ATI-Provided S-Video cable the picture quality is perfect. Problem with
that is that the cable is only 3 feet, which is wayyyy to short for where my
TV is. Use the ATI-provided, short S-Video cable and everything is fine.
Use a $50 double shielded gold plated S-Video cable that is 4 meters and the
picture sucks.

Anyone experience this or have any ideas?

The S-Video quality problem mentioned above is quite noticeable with almost
a checkered pattern overlain on the TV. I tried two separate S-Video cables
besides the ATI provided cable. They both did the same thing.


u guys have used the 'advanced' features in display properties....focus sharpness color etc?

Tony DiMarzio

Of course! Have tried tweaking every setting that exists in the ATI control
panel. All things being equal... I achieve considerably better quality with
a 12ft composite cable hooked into the ATI S-Video to composite adapter than
I do with a very high quality 12ft S-Video cable. However, and like I've
said, using the supplied 3ft ATI S-Video cable the picture quality is great.
makes no sense. I'm hoping that ATI doesn't have some proprietary liking to
only certain S-Video cables, but right now that seems the only explanation.

Tony DiMarzio

so have you reverted to using a composite cable instead? I have because
right now I have no other choice.

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