5308 - subjective opinion


Kevin Hsu

I've been running Vista 5308 on my admittedly slow system:

P4 1.6, 1.5 Gb RAM, Radeon 9550 256MB

I don't think this system is too ghetto. Anyways, here's what I've noticed:

1. Explorer and Vista in general are *really* slow:
- It takes a few minutes to get to an interactive desktop
- All programs take a long time to launch. The HD doesn't look busy,
however. Vista acts like it's waiting on something.
- The UI tends to be really sluggish - scrolling is horrid
- All of these happen with and without glass enabled (ctrl+shift+f9
toggles it)
2. IE takes a very long time to boot up, and often times doesn't even start
at all
- When I am able to start IE, web pages take a *very* long time to load
- IE scrolling is also horridly slow
- Often times, using the search box makes the click sound, but does
nothing. No search results, and no new web pages will load. I have to try
and restart IE.
- Sometimes, IE appears to hang the entire system and I actually have to
hard reboot.

There are zillions of other problems I'm experiencing, but right now I'm a
bit frustrated.

Can anyone here give me an idea if later builds actually improved any of
this significantly?

Zack Whittaker

Trust me, 5365 is probably the best build I'd say so far :blush:)

Zack Whittaker
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Puppy Breath

The 1.6 GHz might be a little on the slow side for Vista. At least for the
beta. I'm getting "acceptable" speeds with 3 GHz. But by "acceptable" I mean
a couple seconds. Anything that takes "a few minutes" sounds like something
more serious, not strictly processor speed. Though I don't know what that
"something" might be.


You have to remember that the Vista Beta Team won't start to optimize
performance untill much later in the Beta process. Right now the big thing
is bug fixes.
Also 5308 is an old build. 5381.1 is the latest release. Beta 2 should be
released at WinHEC.


I'll give that a try - I did defrag fully before installing 5308 about a
month ago. But perhaps my volume has gotten hairy again. Thanks for the tip.


I do look forward to that. I hope the post-WinHEC build that will be made
available will address the perf issues.

Maybe it's about time they enabled to /O2 switch and compiled Release ;-)

Thanks for the reply.

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