Vista Server - Many Problems


Robert Robinson

Vista Server downloaded and installed on a Dell PowerEdge 1800 ( Dual
Xeon) without any obvious errors. The install was faster compared with
that of Vista build 5308, but adding IIS after the initial OS
installation was extremely slow - it took about 20 minutes.
The install UI is a little better and the functionality of the progress
bar has been improved. There are, however, still long periods of time
when there is no indication as to whether the install is progressing
normally or has stopped. It would certainly be nice to have a verbose
mode that displays the module names and other step by step installation
The dual boot functionality has been improved.
The beta Creative X-Fi driver that functioned properly with 5308 doesn't
work with Vista Server. It does install and the OS indicates that it is
"working properly", but the audio service cannot be enabled.
The beta driver for the SIIG SATA controller that worked with 5308
doesn't work with Server.
The Intel LAN controller worked initially, but then failed after IIS was
added to the system. It has not been possible to restore the LAN
functionality as yet.
Windows Explorer is different compared with that of previous builds, but
is still has a terrible UI and is extremely awkward to use.
At this point, we have to give up on Vista Server due to the lack of the
sound card and SATA controller drivers and the generally erratic
operation of the OS.
I should add that we are using 64 bit hardware in a 32 bit mode. This
was OK with Vista 5308. It is a necessity at this time because 64 bit
device drivers are even more difficult to obtain than are the 32 bit

Andre Da Costa [Extended64]

All of the hard issues you are encountering need native drivers from their
respective manufacturers. Its expected that newer builds will break drivers
that were compatible with older builds. Still, its a Server OS, I personally
don't use Servers as workstation operating systems, so if there is no sound,
that doesn't bother me, but everybody has their own taste.

Also, there is no such thing as a Vista server, its currently Longhorn
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Robert Robinson

Hi Andre,

Thank you for the reply.
Aside from the driver problems, "Server" is just too buggy to use even
for limited test purposes.


Robert Robinson

Vista Speech does not work properly on Vista Server beta 2, but is
functional on Vista (other versions) beta 2. The server version contains
most of the required code, but there are some differences including
minor changes in the DLL names in Windows/System32/Speech. Vista Server
has recognition engine version 8. I think that Vista (other versions)
has a newer engine (version 10). Amongst other problems, microphone
output is not recognized in Vista Server, but works correctly in other
versions of Vista using the same audio hardware and the same device driver.
One piece of good news item is that Microsoft has fixed the audio signal

Zack Whittaker

Nah - a bit like Windows SharePoint Server (seperate product) and Windows
SharePoint Services (bundled with R2), Speech Services should run fine
eventually in "Longhorn" Server, but if you were to buy Speech Server then
it'd give you more functionality.

Zack Whittaker
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that up!

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Robert Robinson

Our main interest in Vista is Vista Speech. Microsoft significantly
improved the Recognition Engine that is part of Vista. Unfortunately, a
decision was made not to make this engine or SAPI 5.3 available except
as an integral part of Vista. There is no 5.3 Speech SDK either for
Vista or for previous MS OS including XP and Windows 2003 Server. It is
also not available for the current version of Speech Server. Microsoft
seems to be adamant about not changing this policy, but it is
inconceivable to me that they won't update the Speech Server recognition
engine in the future.
In any case, one major problem with Vista Speech has been corrected. We
will know later today if other glitches that have prevented our usage of
SAPI 5.3 have been resolved.


Kevin John Panzke

I Installed Windows Server Code Name Long Horn Beta 2 my Older Dell
Dimension 8400 Desktop Computer, and had no Problems with the Installation,
just FYI. There are a few Devices that are Missing Driver's, However (like
my Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card, for Example).

P.S. I also installed IIS 7 and my Home Network is still working correctly,
however I have a Broadcom Ethernet Controller instead of an Intel Ethernet
Controller. Also, my Intel SATA Controller works just fine with the Default
Windows Vista ATA Driver's, so I did not have an SATA Driver Problem.

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