3 levels Master - Detail relation in data table


Hon Yuen, Ng

Hi All
I've 3 data tables with the following relation
table A - one to many - table B
table B - one to many - table C

I've 2 data grids (A and B).
Data Grid A will show tableA and tableB's data while tableC will show
data filtered based on tableB's selected item.

Currently this is done by using data view, may i know if it is possible
to do in pure relationship (master-detail) way?

Thanks in advance.



Cor Ligthert


It can however it has some bad behaviour when you want to get your current
row in the second table by instance to do a binding, I never saw a solution
for that.

The way you do it now is very easy and has in my opinion no that bad extra
(You read the same dataset and probably it is fast enough).


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