Not showing repeated records


H. Martins

Suppose a database where several tables are linked to a sort of top
level table: other tables 'feed' keys to the top one. I would say
almost all databases must work this way.


TableA is top

TableB and TableC feed keys to TableA, through typical associations.

Now I have a form and I want to browse TableB where [something] in

To to that I have to include TableA in the query otherwise there is no
way to relate TableB and TableC.

The problem if that, in the browsing process, TableA takes precedence
and If one of TableB records is related in several of the TableA
records, that TableB record will show-up several times.

I am writing a report and I just need that one TableB record shows up
'once', not two or three times (as long as there is at list one
relation to TableA).

How do I do that? I hope this explanation is not to buggy .





If you mean that tables B and C are related one-to-many from TableA, you
could use a subreport for the B and C data (one for each table, probably),
or you could group on each TableA record.


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