inserting table subsets



Hopefully this will make sense to someone...
I have 5 table relationships.
TableA --> TableB --> TableC --> TableD --> TableE

I set up SUBSETS in the table view...
All subsets install correctly. All will expand in table view except TableE.
But when I try to expand TableE while viewing TableD, I get the following
error: This expression is typed incorrectly, or is too complex to be

It's a one-to-one relationship on one field.
Is it possible that I have too many subsets set up?
Any ideas?



Tim Ferguson

I set up SUBSETS in the table view...

.... then just don't use table views. Use a report to look at data, or a
form if you want to edit them. Table datasheets are really for design and
debugging only.

Hope that helps

Tim F

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