255 Character limit when opening URL's, any way around it?



Any way to get around the 255 character limit in a File->Open URL or External
Data Query?

I don't have any control over the length of the URL (which happens to be 257
characters). Does 2007 have this same problem?

Here is my URL breakdown, if someone can test this out for me:
format, 7 character: "http://"
server, 25 character: "intranet_svr.company.com/"
path, 5 character: "path/"
filename, 12 character: "csvlist.cgi?"
querypart, 208 characters:

Amazing how quickly those characters can get used up, but they do.

Any way to configure the filename limit?


For clarification, I'm using Excel 2003 now (sp3).

Can anyone confirm that 2007 isn't affected? My previous version wasn't,
but since I just got a new PC with 2003 on it, I don't know which version I

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