255 char limit on TextBox




I'm trying to add a series of long strings to a textbox in Excel 2003 using
C# automation like so, but I'm getting blank text boxes:

largeTxt.TextFrame.Characters(missing, missing).Text = ...

I know there's a 255 character limit on the text box, but is there any way
around this? I've tried using the Insert method, and setting explicit start
and length values, but nothing has worked.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Peter T

From another post -

If your string is over 255 need to insert characters into the textframe in
chunks of less than 255 at a time.

Sub test()
Dim j As Long
Dim sPart$, sText$
Dim shp As Shape

sPart = Application.Rept("x", 37) & "40 "
For j = 1 To 25
sText = sText & sPart
MsgBox Len(sText)
Set shp = ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddTextbox(1, 99#, 9#, 450#, 210#)

With shp
j = 1
Do While j < Len(sText)
sPart = VBA.Strings.Mid(sText, j, 250)
.TextFrame.Characters(j).Insert String:=sPart
j = j + 250
End With

End Sub

Obviously this is VBA but I imagine you can adapt to C#

Peter T

PS Off topic Is it only me or or has Google Groups almost given up its
search capability. Fortunately normal Google works OK and I can find my old
posts in mirror servers of this ng.


Well holy crap, that worked. Thanks for the help.

I tried something similar, but I must have had my indexes off or something.
Great job.


And if anyone else is interested, here's my c# translation:

int j = 0;
while (j < sText.Length)
if (j + 250 <= sText.Length)
sPart = sText.Substring(j, 250);
sPart = sText.Substring(j);

txtBox.TextFrame.Characters(j, missing).Insert(sPart);
j += 250;

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