2003 master shows up different in 2007



I created a master text slide and title slide in 2003. When it is open it in
2007 the master becomes 3 masters. The Default Design Slide Master doesn't
have the graphics from 2003 only the text. and then there are 2 title slides
connected to that.
The 1t one is correct but the second one has the graphics that should be on
the Default Design Slide Master with the title text on it?

Is there a compatibility problem with Masters going from 2003 to 2007 that I
am not aware of?



Echo S

Masters and layouts are very different in 2007 and 2003, so what you're
describing doesn't completely surprise me. What *does* surprise me is that
your graphics aren't transferring.

Then again, it may not matter. The slide layouts (the individual little
thumbnails in master view) are the ones that show up in the new slide and
layout galleries on the Home tab in PPT 2007. They inherit their settings
from the Slide Master (the big thumbnail in master view). But sometimes the
graphics and stuff will be on the individual layouts -- especially if they
don't need to be on *all* of the layouts. See
http://www.echosvoice.com/2007/editinglayouts.htm -- maybe that will help
explain what's going on.

I don't have great answers for you for going back and forth, though, sorry.

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