2 SATA Drive and One IDE drive???



I'm trying to figure out how to use the second drive for other than just
backing up data... will this work for my second drive and how best do you do
it with Vista:

I don't have a drive for just the pagefile, but I do have a second physical
drive (a RAID 1 array) that's used as a secondary data drive. I don't access
it frequently, so I put the pagefile on that drive. You can specify the drive
on which the pagefile resides by going to Control Panel | System | Advanced
(tab) | Performance settings. Click the Change button in the Virtual Memory




Bill Frisbee


I'm a little confused, but the Pagefile will ALWAYS give better performance
if it is on a second physical hard drive as long as it is a decently fast
drive (don't stick it on a 5400 RPM drive if your main drive is 10k RPM you
will notice a difference!)

Bill F.

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