2 NON-Networked PC's to ONE HP 950C Printer



(This is sort of an update to my "USB to Parallel Challenge")
I have a Windows 2000 Dell that is "locked down" by my company and will only
connect to the HP 950C via the Parallel Cable. I have a Windows XP Dell that
is my own that has no parallel port but 4 USB ports. The back of the HP950C
has two ports, one for parallel and one for USB.

I have successfully installed the 950C on the Personal Dell and it will
print, but I cannot have the two plugged in at the same time. Plugging and
unplugging is not a big deal, but the Personal Dell must be completely
re-booted each time I want to print using it. The Work Dell is fine with
just plugging and unplugging the parallel port and will work as long as the
Personal Dell is not connected to the printer via USB.

I have a router that the two laptops connect through to the Internet by, but
the printer has no networking capabilities - so I don't believe I can set
this up as a "network" - keeping in mind that the Work Dell will not allow me
to make any changes.

Cari - I looked all over your website for something on this, but couldn't
find...Any help from you or anyone else on this most helpful forum is

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

You can usually connect one PC to the parallel port of the printer and one
PC to the USB port of the printer..... I've seen it done. You just have to
remember never to print from both at the same time or the printer really
gets confused.

Since you have a home network, you can probably add a print server....
something simple like:

See Bruce Sanderson's website for some connection examples so that you can
assess whether this might be the way to go for your issues:
http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/Printing to Print Server device.htm


Thank you Cari. If my Printer has no ethernet port and my one Dell is locked
down and won't allow printing via the USB or to reconfigure the PC, is your
suggestion below still an option? I went to the linksys website via your
link and it looks like I will need a "networkable" printer.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

No the print server allows you to connect your printer via a standard
parallel port.

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