HP Laser Jet 4 problems with SP2



I have XP pro SP2 on my desktop, which is unable to print via the parallel
port to my HP LaserJet 4; I have also an Epson Stylus C42UX printer connected
to my desktop via the USB port, which works without problem.
When I connect the Laser Jet to my Dell latitude laptop W2K SP4, via the
parallel port works fine.
Then I made a direct connection with my desktop, via the network card,
sharing the printer in the laptop, and I was able to print in the laser jet
my desktop files.
Somebody knows a way to copy the laptop drivers to my desktop? I want to
connect the laser jet directly to my desktop via the parallel port.
It looks like the SP2 drivers don’t work with my HP laser jet 4.


You might try setting the desktop parallel port to SPP in bios. Windows will
normally change accordingly after a reboot.

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