2 networks 1 computer


Kevin Conaway

I am trying to connect one computer to two different
networks. The computer is a win2000 with two seperate
NICS. One network it a peer-to-peer network connecting to
a Win98 machine as a file server, this network has no DNS,
DHCP or WINS server. The second network is a Win2000
client/server network. I have tried just using TCP/IP
protocol and this seems to work okay but has some
isssues. The machine seems to take a while to figure out
where to go. Can I just use Netbeui on on NIC and IP
protocol on the other? Will this keep the traffic
straight? I havent ever tried this before and would like
to have any suggestions from anyone that has tried it.

Marc Reynolds [MSFT]

I would stick with only TCP/IP and make sure you have no default gateway
configured on the NIC connected to the peer to peer network.


Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

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