16 bits windows subsystem


Alvin Choo

I installed UMAX Astra 2500 scanner but I can't scanning
and it appears window box for 16bits window subsystem.
Showing that System\current control set\control\virtual
device driver format in the registry is invalid.
Choose 'close' to terminate the application.
What is the actual problem and how can I solve it?
I am using Win2000 Professional and SP4.
Thank you for your advice in advance.



Dan Seur

Alvin - Umax can be tricky; they don't identify their drivers very
clearly and their instructions are rudimentary, and I've found their
website rather opaque over the years. However, I have an Astra 1200S
which is probably older than your scanner, and which works fine under
W2k. I assume therefore that your scanner should work well under W2k.

I suggest you search the CD that came with your scanner, or go to their
website which is probably a better idea, and make absolutely sure you
have the very latest W2k-specific driver/software package for that
scanner. It sounds to me like you don't.

For what it's worth, I almost always use the MS Photo Editor (part of MS
Office suite) to access the scanner, and it's very straightforward. It
invokes the TWAIN32 Umax software package, and settings and scanning go
smoothly. Several OCR packages I have are rather cumbersome when it
comes to scanning, so I just capture page images with Photo Ed, save
them (often TIFF format is required), and open them with those other
apps. Photoshop works equally well with the TWAIN32 package.

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