NTVDM has encountered a system error in 16 bit Windows Subsystem

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by Nancy, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Nancy

    Nancy Guest

    I keep getting this error message and my computer has been freezing up and
    running a lot slower. I have scanned it withMcAfee and Norton. I have
    scanned also with an IOBit security scan for spyware and malware. The only
    video software that we had downloaded we uninstalled. But, this still
    persists and gives me a big bunch of grief.
    The error message(pop-up) that comes up is:
    16 Bit Windows Subsystem
    NTVDM has encountered a subsystem error.
    NTVDM has encountered a system error cOh choose close to terminate the

    I need help. I was thinking of re-installing Windows XP media center to see
    if it repairs it or upgrading to windows 7 as everything I have read says
    this error does not happen on Windows 7 only XP and NT.

    Thank you very much
    Nancy, Mar 4, 2010
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