100% CPU usage every now and then while playing videos



I am trying to edit videos using my mini DV camera and such. I can capture
the video fine. But when i try to play back the clip it plays back choppy and
my CPU usage is at 100%. Other times it plays back choppy then steadies out
with a CPU usage of 100% and then about 50-60%.
And rarely it will play back smoothly, with an initial jump to 100% then
goes down a few seconds later.
Most of the time it is always choppy and the CPU usage is at 100% for a
while. I can't watch the videos properly this way and it is annoying.
What is the problem? Is it my processor?
My specs are........
995 MHz Athlon processor
30GB internal hard drive
80 GB external hard drive (where videos are captured and played)



Graham Hughes

I can play back avi's fine on my office 750 Athlon. How is the external
drive connected? You'd need firewire or usb 2 for video work.

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