100% CPU Usage...even when System Idle Process "uses" 70%.



I just installed Vista on my machine. It's not the latest and greatest
computer, but it should be good enough to run Vista decently...yet it doesn't.

Specs are:

P4 2.4Ghz
GeForce 6200 video card
Only Vista installed, nothing else.

When it loads up, the mouse constantly skips across the screen because of
the 100% CPU usage. I practically disabled every service that was started
and still no improvement. Disabled the soundcard and linksys wireless
network card because Vista couldn't find any default drivers for them. Still
100% CPU usage.

Shut it down, and kept moving the mouse to see if the cursor would move
smoothly as services were shut down, but it continued to skip all the way up
to the point when the power went off.

Booted up in safe mode, and everything ran smoothly. I super stumped and
don't really know what to check next. Any suggestions?





Ok, I finally got it fixed!

It was my video driver. Apparently, the microsoft drivers for my 6200 was
buggy, and Nvidia has new drivers for Vista. Installed that and now
everything is running smoothly!

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