1 - Volumn control missing System Tray 2 - two AudioHQ Icons in Control Panel


Jack Griffin


Creative is not installing correctly. Removed software
with uninstall. Reinstalled for the ++time! On the last
uninstall, I now now longer have my Volumn Control in the
System Tray on the Task Bar; therfore, cannot control
volumn without going into Control Panel. How do I get the
Volumn Control back into System Tray.

Second, after the uninstall above, I then reinstalled
Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 Sourround. It
install AudioHQ which is sound mixers and other Creative
audio stuff. I now have TWO AudioHQ Icons in the Control
Panel and one has nothing in it... it was not unistalled
and the one from the install does. How do I remove the
bad on... I am sure this is a registry thing but cannot
find it in the Windows 2000 Registry book.


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