1.24.5399.0 Windows Defender Delta Update


Tim Clark

1.24.5399.0 Windows Defender Delta Update Link


Do to the uncertainty surrounding Engel's posts yesterday,
{there seems to be some "spoofing" going on in the group :-( }
I am taking it upon myself to not only announce the UpDate but post the link
as well.
This should prevent anyone being linked to something "bad" or "incorrect" by
a Spoofer.

If in doubt move your cursor over the link and note that in the status bar
that it does indeed go to MS servers. While someone could spoof Engel's
identity, or Mine for that matter, it is unlikely that they could infiltrate
MS servers [our trolls aren't that clever :p ]
You can also compare the link path to previous genuine links posted in this
They always have the basic form of:

After downloading, right click on the file and choose properties.
Note the version number, this should match the version I have posted, and at
least be higher than the version you currently have
[This ensures that if I were a clever Skank that I didn't link you to an
earlier version, our trolls "might" be that clever]
You will also note that it is digitally signed by MS.
Feel free to also scan it with your favorite Malware scanner.

Always be careful when clicking on links, even in a trusted forum, when they
have been posted by people whose identities cannot be verified. Those of you
familiar with me will note my standard idiosyncrasies in this post, but lack
of my usual "charming" ;-) .sig file which could be too easily forged.
[Paranoia, it's a good thing, No? ;-) ]

We should all get into the habit of immediately identifying posts which we
did not make with a "Spoof Alert".

Hopefully we will get Engel's feed back on the situation soon.

{p.s., use of this file will not create a system restore point ;-) }

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