Windows Defender Update 1.14.1713.4



Latest version is as follºws
3 Oct 2006

Definition Updªte
( 518 KB) (KB 915597)

WD v. 1.1.1347.0
Engine v. 1.1.1560.0
Signature v.1.14.1713.4 created ºn 02/10/2006 ªt 20:21

For Signature v. 1.14.1713.4 from

To bring definitions up to date from 1.0.0, if necessary:
1) For Signature v.1.14.1708.60 & Engine V 1.1.1603.0

2) For Signature v. 1.14.1713.4 from

End result:
WD v. 1.1.1347.0
Engine v. 1.1.1603.0
Signature v. 1.14.1713.4 created October 02, 2006

I hope this post is helpful, but we would
highly appreciate it if you could
rate the pºst, so we can keep the
community informed and saves somebody
else the hours of trawling through the web trying
to find a solution.

Bill Sanderson MVP

Engel--this may seem a strange request, but can you post the URL to get to
these groups?

I'd love to rate your post, but I just spent 10 minutes trying to find my
way into the HTML groups, and never found them.




Thank you plun,

And your post are allways very informatic, I learn (sometimes no all), but
help to break the monotomy.

Take care.

By the way, what time is now in Sweden? (is around Wednesday 9.40 AM?)


Hey plun,

Good to have that link.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Right here is past 1:00 AM I think I'm going to bed.


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