07; how to disassociate multilevel list from a heading style?


Duncan Akuma

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out a way to disassociate a multilevel list from
Heading 1, Heading 2, etc in Word 07. I have been trying to deal with this
both through styles and also through multilevel list but cannot find a way to
break the connection between the heading and the multilevel list. Its as
though once the connection is made it cannot be undone, which is absurd.
There must be a way but I have been all over the internet today searching for
how its done with no joy. Can anyone help me? I'll laugh if its one of those
issues where the answer is staring me right in the face.




Peter T. Daniels

What results are you getting now, and what results do you want to get



Stefan Blom

Place the insertion point in the first Heading 1 paragraph of your document.
On the Home tab, click Multilevel List, and then click Define New Multilevel
List. If necessary, click More to see all options of the dialog box. For
each level of the list, choose "(no style)" for "Link level to style." When
you are done, click OK to close the dialog box.

Note that after you have done the above, number formatting may still be
present as direct formatting in the text. To get rid of it, select the text
and press Ctrl+Q (which resets paragraph formatting to that of the
underlying style).

Alternatively, clear the numbering from your headings by using this macro:

Sub ClearNumberingFromHeadings()
Dim i As Long
For i = 1 To 9
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading " & CStr(i)) _
.LinkToListTemplate ListTemplate:= _
Next i
End Sub

If you need installation instructions, see

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