DisplayPort 2.0 Released

DisplayPort 2.0 Released

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) have announced the release of DisplayPort 2.0, a high-speed alternative to HDMI (which many TVs and Monitors use). This updated standard uses a more compact connector, which can also carry other data signals (USB, etc...). The raw data rates increases from 32.4Gbps to 80Gbps, which is high enough to power 8K@60Hz HDR displays.

Although many consumers are yet upgrade to even 4k displays, it's important to know that these standards are being agreed well in advance of the technology rollout. You may start to notice high-end products featuring these connectors in the coming years (2020 onwards), especially on Apple products.

While HDMI was designed as standard for consumer video devices (TVs, Projectors, DVD Players, etc...), DisplayPort is primarily aimed at computer displays. Expect to see competition between these two standards as monitor resolutions increase and tech giants pick sides.

The full press release is available here:

"Being an open standards body comprising more than 280 member companies across the electronics value chain gives VESA a unique vantage point to anticipate the needs of the display market several years out and add new capabilities to our standards ahead of demand," stated Alan Kobayashi, VESA Board Chair and VESA DisplayPort Task Group Chair. "DP 2.0 represents one of our most significant milestones in the history of DisplayPort, and is the culmination of several years' effort and major enhancements to this ubiquitous standard. Like the previous versions of DisplayPort that helped pave the way for major inflection points in video technology such as UHD, 4K, 5K, video over USB-C and HDR, DP 2.0 will help take the industry to the next level – enabling even higher frame rates and resolutions up to and beyond 8K, greater flexibility in display configurations including multiple monitor setups, as well as improved power efficiency."
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