Apple working on improved AirPods and over-ear headphones

Release of these new products is rumoured to be sometime in 2019

By Becky Cunningham, last updated Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Becky
    According to an exclusive from Bloomberg, Apple are currently working on a new and improved version of their wire-free in-ear earphones, the AirPods. The new version will reportedly be water resistant (although not waterproof), have a better working range, and also feature noise-cancelling technology.

    As these changes represent a big improvement over the current AirPods, it is rumoured that they will form part of a new range of wireless in-ear headphones, giving consumers the choice over features (and presumably price).

    The company is also working on over-ear headphones which will aim to compete against high-end alternatives on the market from companies such as Sennheiser.

    These new products are expected to debut in early 2019.