NetTrans Device Tries to Install

Discussion in 'Windows XP Embedded' started by janastarr, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. janastarr

    janastarr Guest

    I posted this problem on the Win XP General newsgroup on 11/24/08, but
    haven't recived an answer as of today, so I will repeat my question here.
    Every since I upgraded my laptop OS to Win XP Pro last weekend (I deleted the
    previous W2K files after installation), I keep getting the hardware popup
    wizard to install a device called NetTrans at every boot. I didn't know what
    this device was, so after searching on the web I found one reference by MSDN
    that NetTrans has something to do with network protocol and is used in the
    Windows XP Embedded software...but this device has no dependencies and isn't
    configurable, so I don't know how to find this driver. I tried letting
    Windows Update find the driver and searched through the files present on my
    laptop, but didn't find it. I also searched my Win XP Pro sp3 and W2K sp4
    CDs-still no joy. The best guess I can come up with is that the hardware is
    probably related to my infared software, which I upgraded the driver to
    yesterday (and also updated the PCMCIA drivers), but the hardware wizard
    still pops up at every boot. Can someone please point me to a resolution to
    finding this driver or at least a way to stop the annoying hardware wizard
    popup. BTW-my laptop is networked to my desktop via wireless, and both have
    the same OS-Win XP Pro sp3. Thanks any response.
    janastarr, Nov 29, 2008
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  2. janastarr

    janastarr Guest

    I resolved this issue by installing a device related to a hotkey utility that
    was only available from my laptop's manufacturer support site (Fujitsu).
    When I rebooted, the hardware wizard no longer pops up. Apparently the
    hotkey also includes devices to help with network protocol.
    janastarr, Nov 30, 2008
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