Amazon has revealed three new games at TwitchCon earlier this week. The company announced its intention to make games a few years ago, but only now are we beginning to see titles come out of that venture.

The three games are Breakaway, Crucible, and New World. Breakaway is a 4v4, team-based brawler/hero action game. It’s built with streaming in mind, and has full Twitch integration.

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It’s competition time here at PC Review!

PRIZE: £100 Amazon vouchers (or foreign currency equivalent at your regional Amazon – eg that’s currently about $130 USD).

HOW TO ENTER: Members who make more than 20 posts during October 2016, including at least one new topic, will automatically be entered into the competition. The competition will run from 00:00 GMT on 1st October 2016 to 23:59 GMT on 31st October 2016. On 1st November 2016 a winner will be selected at random from all the entries, and announced on the forum.

RUNNERS UP: As an extra bonus prize, the top-five members making the most posts during October 2016 will each receive a PC Review mug:


The admins will use their discretion when it comes to counting genuine posts (i.e. one word and completely off-topic/inappropriate posts may not be counted, so bear that in mind!). The competition is open to both new and old members (including moderators), but the two site administrators are excluded.

Good luck everyone :D
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Not many weeks go by when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not in the news for some reason, and this week is no exception. It was announced yesterday evening that DeepMind / Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have formed a partnership, which bears the catchy name of the 'Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society'. The aim of the collaboration is "to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society."

Notable absentees include both Apple and Elon Musk - the latter is perhaps most surprising given Elon Musk has championed OpenAI which seems to share similar goals to the partnership.


It will certainly be interesting to see how much AI technology improves as a result of this new co-operation between industry giants.

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Yesterday, Elon Musk of Space X announced his plans to launch manned missions to Mars using their reusable 'Interplanetary Transport System' (ITS), which will be the most powerful rocket ever built. According to Musk, the capsule would be able to get to Mars from Earth in as little as 80 days. A brief video was released ahead of the announcement, which really fueled excitement all over the world - check it out below, together with the full presentation.

If everything goes well, the first Humans will arrive on Mars via the ITS early in 2025 - however, Musk stressed that this was an aspirational target. The people who undertake the journey will face a number of challenges - there is obviously the inherent risk associated with riding rockets, but also other factors to consider such as radiation exposure, the effect of microgravity during the journey, and the living conditions on arrival.

Musk went on to explain that over time, the ITS could be used to take more and more people to Mars whenever the two planets are favourably aligned (roughly every 26 months), with the eventual aim of colonising Mars and even terraforming the planet (should its people wish to do so).

What an exciting time to be alive! :eek:
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If you have used Google today, you may have noticed that the 'Google Doodle' has a birthday party theme, and that's because Google is celebrating its 18th birthday today. This has caused a little confusion, as evidenced by the fact that when you click on the doodle, Google helpfully tells you that the technology company was founded on 4th September 1998... Well, whatever the case, Google is celebrating its birthday today, and The Independent has compiled some interesting facts about the company:


Read more at The Independent.
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The first computer-generated music was recorded in Alan Turing's lab in 1951, and has recently been restored by a computer scientist and a composer. You can listen to it below:

Read more at The Verge, and listen to the 'hooter' here:
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Consumer group Which? have conducted a survey of their members to get feedback on the Windows 10 operating system, and the results are far from pretty. According to their results, 12 per cent of members who installed Windows 10 reverted to an earlier operating system, and many users claim they actually didn't choose to install Windows 10 in the first place - it happened automatically without their permission.

You can read the full article at The Register.
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