Microsoft is holding a press event in New York tomorrow, where they will reveal what's next for Windows 10. PC World have been taking a look at the rumours circulating online, the subjects of which include a 'desktop Surface', the HoloLens, a Surface phone, and a home-hub powered by Cortana.

You can read the full article at PC World.
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Towards the end of last week several large sites were temporarily unavailable due to a large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The sites, which included Twitter, PayPal and Reddit, are all customers of a company called Dyn - a cloud-based 'Internet Performance Management' company. The attack targeted Dyn's DNS infrastructure, and part of the way that this was achieved was through insecure webcams - which have now been recalled:

Read more here: Tech Crunch
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Nintendo has announced a new video game system today - the Nintendo Switch. The platform is different to anything else on the market in that it can be used in a variety of different configurations, as shown in their release video:

You can read their full press release here.
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NVIDIA has today announced two new additions to their Pascal-based GPU range - the GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti. Prices for the 1050 will start at $109 and it will be launched on or before 8 November 2016, and the 1050 Ti is expected to retail for $139 and will be released on 25 October 2016.


Read the full announcement here, and check out the specifications here.
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Battlefield 1 is out on Friday 21st October 2016, and there are a number of pre-release reviews which have been published online today. As you would hope to see, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Nerdist has been taking a look:

Battlefield 1.jpg

Read the full review here.
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A biologist in Japan by the name of Joji Yamaguchi has developed a harness for dogs which measures their heart rate and visualises the emotion they are feeling by way of a coloured light. The device, named Inupathy, has been tested on over 30 dogs so far, and BBC Click has been to meet the creator of Inupathy:

The company is currently seeking funding through IndieGoGo, and you can view more about the device here:

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