zip files being blocked


Kory Lindersmith

I had a program created in that zips a folder up for me

We used the zipsharp library and it seems to work great execpt when you
try to open it using windows to extract the files from the zip.

If you try to extract the files you get a message saying "windows has
blocked access to these files to protect your computer" and it tells you
you can fix this by right clicking the zip file and go to properties and
check the "unblock" box and all will be fixed. However there is no
"unblock" option anywhere.

I can use winzip or winrar to open and extract the file just fine but
windows will not work.

It seems to be something that XP is looking for in the zip file that
flags it as being safe or not but I don't know what it is or where to
find it. I think this started after the release of SP2 for XP

If I just use windows to create a zip file on my computer, I can open
and extract it just fine.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!





The Other Nice Man

I have just right clicked on a zip and selected properties on the
General tab there is an unblock button.

Do you have simple file sharing enabled (don't know if it makes a

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