Zalman ZM-K700M


Mar 25, 2003
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Vortez have been taking a look at the Zalman ZM-K700M mechanical keyboard which features Cherry MX switch keys:

Today we take a look at another product from Zalman after we were recently impressed by the Z-Machines M600R mouse. This time we have a mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers, sporting Cherry MX Red switches, full NKRO and white LED backlighting. As with the CM Quick Fire XTi the Zalman ZM-K700M is also software free, meaning there is no need for users to download and install additional software to their system. Some may prefer this type of product for ease of setup, ensuring users have peace of mind that their product will work out the box with any system. The downside to this is the trade-off with customisation, macros and effects. We saw CM address some of these trade-offs and it would appear that Zalman have created a solution of their own to provide gamers a fully featured gaming keyboard without the need for additional software.

zalman zm k700m.jpg

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