Zalman VF900 Power Connectors



I am thinking about buying the Zalman VF900, but I'm not sure if
everything that I need is included in the kit, or if I to purchase an
additional connector.

The fan has a 3-pin connector, which is supposed to plug into the "Fan
Mate" speed controller. The manual states: "Connect the appropriate 3-
pin connector on the cable to the motherboard fan header and the VF900-
Cu fan connector." But what am I supposed to do if I don't have any
spare 3-pin connectors on my motherboard?

In a previous post, First of One said: "The Zalman does not plug into
the card. It connects to a 4-pin molex from
your power supply. The little black box is a manual fan speed adjuster
you can optionally use. Many people skip the adjuster and just run the
at 100% speed all the time. " But the manual says that the included
Fan Mate cable is a 6-pin connector.

Did they redesign the VF900, or what? Do I need to buy some kind of 4-
pin molex to 3-pin fan connector to make a direct connection?



First of One

To clarify, the VF900 has a 3-pin connector, the same type as those used on
CPU fans. If you have a spare fan header on your motherboard, the VF900 can
be plugged into the motherboard without any additional adapters.

To run the VF900 off the PSU instead, you need a 3 to 4-pin adapter like
this one:
Note only 2 of the 3 pins are used. The 3rd pin is for RPM monitoring, which
is meaningless when plugged into the PSU.




OK, thanks again. I just want to be sure of everything before I start
spending money. lol

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