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Carey Frisch [MVP]

When you open an XPS document in Vista, the XPS viewer
automatically opens the document in an Internet Explorer
window. Two additional toolbars appear, one above and
the other below, the XPS document.

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User


I 've downloaded and installed XPS Viewer from >

Now I see that it should be preinstalled in Vista , moreover this is for XP
What can I do ?
Thanks a lot.

Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

That version of XPS is for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. XPS already
comes built into Windows Vista. When you create XPS based documents in Vista
or with Office 2007 they will open automatically in the browser.


Are you having a problem with it being installed? I have installed the
essentials pack for vista, and it opens the XPS document in it's own
application, and not Internet Explorer. I prefer it that way. If it doesn't
stop you from viewing XPS files and gives you no problems, then don't worry.


Now I can see these files in a IE window...not in a viewer xps window
(...does this window exist ? ) .
but have I downgraded my system to XP ? Where I to look for to see it ,
where is logged o recorded this installation ?
Thanks a lot.


The default is to display into an Internet Explorer window. If you download
the other file (The essentials pack) you should be able to get it open in
it's own application. It's called the XPS Viewer EP.

From what I have gathered, it doesn't really seem that you have downgraded
to XP. the only thing that you may have done is reinstall something that has
come already installed with the operating system.

From the link that you provided:


Installed on Vista, Windows XP, and Server 2003 through Microsoft
Download center

Detect existing viewer and give user a choice to override or not.

XPS viewer can be made the default XPS document viewing application
using "Open With"

XPS viewer can be replaced as the default XPS document viewing
application using "Open With"

Silent install doesn't override existing viewer if available.


XPS Essentials Pack opens in its own application window

Each document is opened in a new instance of the viewer

Files can be opened in one of the following ways:

Double click on an XPS document launches XPS Essentials Pack

Clicking on an XPS Doc link in browser

From within the browser through File --> Open and Open Button

Can open XPS documents from the following locations:

Local machine

File share

Can open a digitally signed document - inform the user that this
document is digitally signed but the digital signature cannot be viewed in
this viewer

Direct link to file:

http://download.microsoft.com/downl...4dc4-9c66-5826cf7c15f7/XPSEP Vista 32 bit.msu

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