xpe Taskkill or Tskill Problem

Apr 5, 2011
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i have a problem, i searched a lot in the internet, but nothing explained the problem i have.
We have a Windows XPe and want to shutdown a task "mytask.exe" in an update script.
I copied "taskkill.exe" and "tasklist.exe" from a Windows XP Prof Laptop, put them on a stick and tried to execute the command in the Shell:
taskkill /F /IM mytask.exe
taskkill /IM mytask.exe
But nothing happens. Tasklist.exe does exactly nothing (I tried to get the PID). There is no Error Message, no Message Box, there is just nothing and nothing happens.
Are there any dependencies for these two exes? I don't know what to do, because i didn't get an error from which i can reverse engineering the problem. Can anyone help?


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