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I have been unable to get my XP2 stations to allow the
\\server\admin$ and the \\server\C$ to work on remote
sites after enabling the Firewall. The weird part is I
can get the local stations on our subnet to work but not
on the regional offices when I try to connect through
Computer management it says it "cant find the station and
the network path was not found" I can ping the stations
no problem by IP and Domain name. I have enabled the
exceptions with our current programs but also freed
up "File and Print sharing" Remote "Assistance
(both)" "C:\windows\system32\share.exe" under the
connection settings in advanced (ICMP) I checked 1,3,4 and
10. Under the ICMP below I checked 1,3 and 4. Last
thing if I turn the firewall off the problem is gone but
that defeats the security benefit. If anyone has any
insight on what the issue is I would greatly appreciate



Mark Dormer

Take a look at the exception for File and Printer Sharing.
Edit it.
Is the scope Subnet?
Your remote offices are probably on different subnets.

Click Change scope.
Use the custom list.
Add all your subnets and you should then get access.

Mark Dormer



cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user)

Take a look at the exception for File and Printer Sharing.

Be very careful with File and Print Sharing (F&PS), noting that:
- c$ etc. have known names
- c$ expose startup axis to malware dropper attack (StartUp etc.)
- even SP2 binds F&PS to WiFi by duhfault
- SP2 is known to have a bug that may expose F&PS to the 'net (!)

IOW, make COAB certain you don't facilitate Internet access to your PC
through File and Print Sharing. This would be Bad.

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