XP Wont Boot With Vista



I have a problem when i turn on my computer i have a choice between microsoft
windows(which is vista) and windows.old(which is xp) when i go to
microsoft.old it comes up with a black screen and does nothing. When i type
in BCDedit in the comand prompt in vista it comes up with

Windows Boot Manager
identifier {bootmgr}
device partition=C:
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {globalsettings}
default {current}
displayorder {ntldr}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 30

Windows Legacy OS Loader
identifier {ntldr}
device partition=C:
path \ntldr
description Earlier version of Windows

Windows Boot Loader
identifier {current}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Microsoft Windows
locale en-US
inherit {bootloadersettings}
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows
resumeobject {50c73d4d-e6b3-11da-bc73-d30cdb1ce216}
nx OptIn

But what do i change and how do i do it.
Can someone please help



Jimmy Brush


The problem here is that you installed Windows Vista OVER your previous
Windows installation. This happened because you installed Windows Vista to
the same partition that your previous version of Windows was installed to.

The previous installation of Windows is no longer bootable. It should not be
listed on your boot menu it all.

- JB

Jimmy Brush

If by "fix it" you mean uninstall Windows Vista and go back to Windows XP,
unfortunately the chances of successfully accomplishing this are not good. I
suggest reading the following thread:


This is the only information I am aware of that deals with uninstalling
Windows Vista and going back to Windows XP after you have installed Windows
Vista over Windows XP.

Always remember that installing an operating system to the same partition
that another operating system is installed on is a non-reversable operation
that renders the previous operating system unbootable, probably for good.

The correct way of installing two operating systems on the same computer is
to install each operating system to its own partition.

Good luck.

- JB




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