XP won't boot with raid card



I have 2 boot disks (using swappable caddies) - win98se and XP pro. My
hardware setup is

IDE1 -> DVD/R -> Disk1 (boot)
IDE2 -> Disk2 -> DVD/RW

PCI-Raid card -> Disk3 ( NB only one drive attached + no raid

Disk1 can be either win98se or XP
Disk2 is fat32
Disk3 has no partitions.
Raid card = Silicon Image Sil0680 Ultra-133 Medley Raid Contoller

My PC will boot to win98se with no problems. But when I try with the XP
pro the system hangs just before the XP splash screen appears. I have
tried with Disk3 being formatted (both fat32 and ntfs) with no success.
When I remove Disk2, XP will boot ok with Disk3 attached to the raid
what I am trying to achive is a setup where Disk2 is common to both OS
and Disk3 has ntfs and can be used for video capture using XP.

Can anyone help explain why the above setup doesn't work -thanks.


Have you updated drivers / firmware from Sil?
According to above there is a driver for win9* and a seperate driver for win
nt/2k, though product brief mentions winxp but release notes only mention
support for win9* and nt/2k
There appears to be no specific driver for winxp, but you can try the win
nt/2k driver.

I might add that I had an Adaptec pci raid card that would'nt work in one
win2k sys but was fine in another.
Adaptec swapped it out, all firmware/drivers were updated but it still
would'nt function. When my mobo failed it was fine in the new mobo. Adaptec
stated that there had been problems with certain mobo's.

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