XP Sp2 Setup with IDE and SATA drive



I have a new PC.
I have a WD 200gig IDE HD partitioned into two dynamic drives with all my
backup information.
I have a new SATA 316gig HD that I have loaded XP onto a 50gig partition.
I have a WD 1.2gig IDE HD that I have to use for bootup according to
install CD.
Sata is first in hard drive order (listed as D)
1.2gig is next (listed as C)
200gig is last (listed as G and H)
When I install, the setup program works and finds all the drives and
partitions. I delete the partition from the 1.2gig drive, and delete the
partition on the SATA drive.
I create the 50gig partition on the SATA drive and select it as the
install location.
Setup formats C and then formats D.
Setup finished the processes as normal, reboots and completes the process.
It appears to be a working machine.
I take out the install disk, put in a driver disk and install (requiring a
reboot). Reboot fails.
I put in the Windows XP SP2 disk and it boots fine.

How can I set up my computer to not require the XP sp2 disk in the CD Rom to
allow for regular rebooting?

Andrew E.

First,when installing xp only have one hd running,this drive will be for the
OS,if other partitions are one the hd,leave them in a raw state till xp is
up &
running.Also,why put the boot files on another volume,partition the hd as you
want,or simply leave SATA with one partition,then format & install xp.By
default all OS files need to be on C:


What exactly is this installation cd?
What *exactly* is said about using the 1.2gb?

A MS windows installation cd requires no such configeration, maybe you are
using recovery cd's and the 1.2gb you are refering to is the recovery

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