XP Roaming Profiles and file associations


Patrick Jones

We are in the process of switching from Novell Zenworks
roaming profiles to Windows roaming profiles. I have a
problem that is about to drive me nuts. With our Zenworks
profiles, the user is created as a local user in the
Power Users group. When they run AutoCAD, the files get
associated properly and there are no problems. When
I switch that user to a Windows roaming profile, suddenly
the file associations are gone. If I add the user to
the Administrators group, the associations show up. If
I remove that and add them to the Power Users group, nothing.
If I re-enable the Zenworks roaming profiles, everything
is OK.

Just as a test, I added a user with no roaming profile to
the Power Users group. And still get no file associations
for AutoCAD unless I make them an administrator.

Windows 2000 Active Directory with no group policies enabled.
Windows XP Pro workstations, joined to the domain, with
Domain Users added to the Power Users Group. I know it is
added the users to this group because they can change the
Power Options.

So, does anyone know why Novell's roaming profiles work
where Microsoft's don't? The sad thing is, the version
of Zenworks we have is the free one from 10 years ago.
Any suggestions? I really don't want to make everyone
an administrator.

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