XP Pro hangs at Applying Computer Settings



I have a small network with 5 pc's & 1 server. The
server is win2k, 3 win xp pro pc's & 2 win xp home pc's.
The xp home pc's can login to the domain with no
problems. All the xp pro pc's hang after entering
password with message "Applying Computer Settings" for
about 15 mins, then the user sees the desktop & can use
the PC. This is not intermittent, it happens everytime
they login.

One thing I think it might be is our domain is the same
name as our website domain, during login they are trying
to authenticate from the web server domain, however I
would think the xp home pc's would have the same problem.

Any ideas?




Marc Reynolds [MSFT]

The XP clients should have their TCP/IP settings configured to point to your
internal DNS server and the internal DNS server can be configured to forward
to your ISP's DNS server.


Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

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