XP Network drive mapping



I am replacing the main computer on our small 4 cpu peer2peer network.

The old main computer ran Win2000 and was named Reception
It had a hard disk partitioned between a C and D drive.

The new main computer is WinXPro and is named Dellreception
It has one big hard disk C:

The other 3 cpus had drives mapped to the main cpu like this:
F:\\Reception\d$ and both were checked reconnect at logon/

I think I need to first disconnect this old network drive mappings on each

Then do I set up a new drive mapping of

F:\\Dellreception The whole hard disk is shared

Do I need to use any of that c$ d$ stuff ?

Can each cpu use that network drive mapping, or does the name have to be
unique for each one?

Thanks all replies


The reason this will no longer work is I think becuase the Dell machine has a
different Administrator password from the other machines (which is good
thing, a server should never have the same admin password as its clients)

However... You really need to be a little more careful about security here.

The fact that you're mapping to admin shares (C$ etc) means that the client
must be logging-on as Administrator to the server. You should never share
folders under an Administrator account, as this gives the client-computer
virtually unlimited power over the server-machine. I've seen cases where
malware getting onto just one such machine has caused computers to go-down
like dominoes.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to setup a small network. (Try
http://wown.com for example)

Basically, choose a suitable folder on the reception machine to hold the
shared documents. Share only this folder, not the entire disk. (Right-click
and select the "Sharing" tab) If you're using "simple file sharing" which is
the default, then you need do no more than this, it should be accessible from
an ordinary user's account on the other machines.

If it still doesn't work, then it's possible the Dell machine has a firewall
on it, which is blocking access on the 'netbios' ports. The MS firewall
normally adjusts itself automatically when you enable sharing, however recent
Dell machines are shipped with Norton stuff (Comments censored) preinstalled
on them, and this might be the problem.

Mappings can be applied to up to ten machines, for XP Pro.

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