XP Media Center will not load web pages w/ ads imbedded


Lee Chapman

It's only certain web pages but I have noticed that the same pages will
always fail to load. (Actually quite a few of them) It could be seen as a
good thing but about half of the pop up window ads never get beyond a blank
screen either. I have tweak all the settings recommended by various web
page gurus and tried a few differnet browsers like Netscape 7.1 and Fast
Browser Pro - they hang on Exactly The Same web pages as IE does. I am
using Verizon ADSL with MSN (I switch the connection back to my old machine
with [sigh] Windows ME on it and all the pages load fine like they always
did.) My machine is a HP m370n Media Center PC. Any suggestions?






Microsoft requires flash player and shockwave player from macromedia.co
on some of they're web pages,but the downloads enhance or make possibl
the ability to view some contents of most internet web sites.If you use windows
one version or another of the player(s) is probably already installed,get the updates.

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