XP installation failed



Reinstalling the OS for a friend. But reinstallation failed several times,
here the info....

When the installation process moves to the GUI part, the Windows XP logo
freezes in place. It stays there too long. Then discovered one problem.
The CPU was not properly seated, I reseated, still have the problem. I
thought it was the hard drives so I alternately reinstall XP on either 250 or
40GB. Same problem

The system has the following

P4 2.8GhZ
Elitegroup MB w/ Intel chipset
512mb RAM PC3200 specs
250gb hard drive
40gb hard drive
DVD burner
nVidia card
300W PS


usually when it gets to the Gui part it's testing the video card.
did you run the compatability check before the install??
it will tell you if any hardware may have a problem with XP.
when giving a list of hardware, it's best to list the brand name and model
of the hardware ie nvida card says nothing about the model and memory
capacity nor it's connection type ie AGP or IDE, or accelerated ??

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