XP Home mother board change causes no boot?



Ibought this starter kit months back with a Maxtor hard
drive that I partitioned with 98 SE on c: & XP Home on d:
which ran great on my old Mother board Chaintech 7VIF4 for
many months & updated both OS versions & was very pleased
with myself at my success on my 1st build.

But now have upgraded/changed my Mother board to another
Chaintech 7NJL4 because its better? & Ive a better video
card on the way.
The same hard drive i hooked up to the new mobo & 98 SE
went along very well after some driver updates it boots

But XP Home just trys to boot,then reboots.
i guess the new board was too much of a change for it to
allow? maybe?

I tried accessing the control consol to try a repair,But
it asks for a password. shucks i never created a password
so I just dont have one to grant consol access.
What can i do?

ive my old user # written down & product ID & CD looking
for help!


To 'fix' things because of the motherboard change you just boot from the XP
CD and do a repair install. That's it.

Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Normally, and assuming a retail license (many OEM installations
and licenses are not transferable to a new motherboard - check yours
_before_ starting), unless the new motherboard is virtually identical
(same chipset, same IDE controllers, same BIOS version, etc.) to the
one on which the WinXP installation was originally performed, you'll
need to perform a repair (a.k.a. in-place upgrade) installation, at
the very least:

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows XP

As always when undertaking such a significant change, back up any
important data before starting.

This will also require re-activation, unless you have a Volume
Licensed version of WinXP Pro installed. If it's been more than 120
days since you last activated that specific Product Key, you'll most
likely be able to activate via the internet without problem. If it's
been less, you might have to make a 5 minute phone call.

Bruce Chambers
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