XP Firewall Problem


Mike Luff


During our automated build process for workstations, we lay down a new
Netfw.inf file with our custom firewall settings. Once layed down we use the
"netsh firewall reset" command to reset the firewall with the new settings.
This works like a dreams, however we have some machines that lose the
firewall config after a period of time, and we don't ever seem to be able to
reset back to our custom settings.

If you look at the Netfw.inf file, it's the one that we have put there -
however the reset command doesn't work. The firewall GUI displays only the
default XP settings. If you look in the registry on the machines, or look at
the firewall stats using Netsh it shows all out custom setting to be
active - however they are not.

I have tried manually deleting the reg keys and doing a reset which pulls
our settings back in fine, however they don't appear on the firewall list
and don't work.

I can't find anything about this on the KB - can anyone shed some light
before I drop MS a support call?





David Beder [MSFT]

any chance that group policy is overriding or the machine is in a different
profile (standard vs domain)?

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