XP driver Video for ACER 5735Z notebook is needed.



I have a notebook ACER 5735Z, and I have installed windows XP Pro, since
preinstalled Windows Vista Home.
I have got XP driver of most of devices, but I can not find the driver fot
video card (Intel embedded).

Can anyone help me, please?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Your best (and possibly only source) is likely to be Acer.
Laptops tend to use unique versions of the generic drivers for video
chipsets. Usually, this has to do with such things as LCD display
backlighting and such. In addiiton, some laptops have a feature that turns
the builtin display off when the lid is closed. One of my laptops does this
even when suspend/sleep/hibernate is disabled.


Thanks a lot Chuck for your reply,
but I asked yet to Acer, and unfortunately without results.
..- firstly in the Acer web, this model (Aspire 5735Z) is unsupported !!
Simply does not appear in the Aspire models list. So I cannot download even
the Vista drivers.
I also tried to write them, but since 5735z model is not supported, model nº
nor was accepted.

..- then I talked with technical supprt department, and finally they did
suggest to try with the Vista driver of similar
models 5730, 5735, but without success.
In some way, Vista driver for Intel video chipset is different that the
related for XP, and this one does not appear.

Nevertheless thanks for your help.


For whatever it's worth, the Acer Europe site allows access to Acers ftp
site. Although this does not show XP drivers for your laptop, just about
everything else is there. The Europe site (in the recent past) has had
updates available before the USA site.

It would seem that the 5735Z is new enough that a specific folder for it is
not listed. Closest was 5737Z.

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