XP Computer making its own passwords



My Windows XP MediaCenter has recently begun to evolve with a mind of its
own. Somehow, its creating and assigning passwods to all of the users. It
only happens when one person is logged on already (maybe in Switch User
mode), and doesnt affect the logged on person. But when you try to click
anoher person to log in, it says it needs a password. There have not been any
recent changes made to the computer that had anything to do with users.
Usually a reboot or logging out and in to the user that is logged on fixes
the problem. The passwor that is created is not one that I know so... And
when you check the Accounts section in Control Panel, it doesnt seem to
recognize that anyone has the password (otehr than the one use that DOEs
actually have a password.

What is this? Why? How to fix?

My computer accounts are like this: 4 accounts, 3 without passwords, 2 of
them are limited and 1 is administrator. And then theres one administrators
account with a password.




Hi thunderstruck_302

Didn't you already ask this question 5 hours before? I replied in your
other thread. . . I know you're probably anxious for an answer, but it's
best to stick to one thread so that everyone replies in one place :)

I'm a bit confused because at first you say your computer is creating
its own passwords, but then state that in User Accounts only the account
*you* added a password to is shown as having one. Perhaps you just mean
the machine is asking you for passwords?

I'm sorry I don't have a sure answer for you, but this article is
interesting and sounds as if it might be relevant:


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