XP boots to Start-up Options Screen



I have an eMachines T2875 desktop running XPSP2 that suddenly won't boot past
the start-up options screen (choosing to boot in normal mode, safe mode,
etc.). Any option I choose, goes to a blank screen and my hard drive light
remains on.

This unit is used by my adult son and a few days ago he installed a game
program called gamevance. He never played the game after installing because
it required a photo to be uploaded, so he continued with other chores. After
rebooting, a black screen appeared with white speckles around the outer edges
of the screen and a few throughout the center, then it continued to the
normal windows screen and everything worked fine. Next time the unit was
rebooted, the same speckles appeared and then light red hieroglyphics like
text appeared neatly in a row across the screen and then the screen went
black and then to hot pink. The unit was shut down and when rebooted went to
the start-up options screen.

I have attempted to use my OEM recovery dvd (which has worked in the past)
to re-install (repair) windows to no avail. The dvd is read, goes to the
screen to press "R" to display the restore process options; however, when I
press "R" it shows a bar across the bottom indicating it is preparing for the
restore process but goes back to a black screen when finished. I never get to
the restore options screen and my hard drive light remains on indefinitely.

I'm thinking this may be a virus issue; however, could it be something else?


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