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KS Sun City Ca.

Since installing sp3 i've been having a very long, 15-20 minute - boot time.
I've uninstalled sp3 and still have the problem. I have a dell 600m laptop.
now the boot time is very long - other than that the computer still runs
fine, no other problems. I've been just letting it go - i'ts been several
weeks, I searched the net for solutions with no result. Can anyone help with
a solution to rid the laptop of the long boot time? Is there a registry or
system file I can edit or fix to to get back to the short boot time. I've
already done a system restore and last known good but to no avail. Am I the
only one that's had this problem? Surely there is something someone knows
that will help. Thank you for anything anyone can add.


How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" state

If the PC's boot time goes back to normal,
then it's one of the items you disabled as part
of the clean boot.

Set the PC back to a normal boot
(undo the changes you made to clean boot)

Then to dig deeper:
Try Autoruns from the MS Windows SysInternals site:

AutoRuns will show/list all apps/etc. that load/run when you first boot ...
(the 'Boot Execute' tab), You can disable (uncheck) one item at a time
to see what is causing the slow boot.
There is also a tab for items than load at logon.

As mentioned Autoruns provides the ability to selectively allow
you to stop (use with care) any program that you don't want
to load. You can always undo any changes you have made by
placing a checkmark back in the box for any given item you

Note: To get additional details on an item in the list you can't
readily identify you may need to highlight the item (right click)
and use the 'Search Online' option to get the details,
especially useful for the more obscure items in the list.


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