xp 32-bit on 64-bit processors



Here's the question:

I've got an Athlon 64 3000+ running on an MSI K8T Neo (MS -6702 v1.x).
Now, Windows XP Pro runs like I would expect it to on any 2 GHz system.
But isn't XP 32 bit supposed to see the Athlong like it as '2
processors'? I mean, I've got the 64 bit processor, I want to use all
of it.

thanks in advance.

I've been running Windows XP 64 bit for some time, and frankly, I'm
done with it. Not because of the OS, but the lack of drivers and
software support for it. I guess the rest of the industry (Promise,
ATI (TV tuners), MSI (except VIA), etc.) aren't getting around to
writing drivers for their stuff. I guess they're waiting for Vista.
Who knows. Even Microsoft STILL doesn't have Intellitype and
Intellimouse software yet. geez.




First off, it is Athlon, not Athlong.

Unless you purchased an X2 processor, you purchased a single core Athlon64,
which means you have only one processor, not two. Your processor can handle
data in 64 bit "chunks", as opposed to 32 bit chunks. It does not mean that
Windows should see it as two processors.

The Athlon64 X2 processor will appear as two processors because it is a dual


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