XML comments


Saso Zagoranski


I have a question about XML comments included in VS. net.

Let's say I have a project in a solution. And this project has a class with
some methods:

class MyClass

/// <summary>...</summary>
/// <param name="param1"> parameter1</param>
/// <returns> some string </returns>
public string MyMethod(string param1)



public void TestMethod()

If I write this.MyMethod while in MyClass VS shows me the comments I have
but if I call MyClass.MyMethod from another project IntelliSense only shows
the type and name of the parameter, which is the same as if I didn't write
comments at all...

I would like to send my assemblies to other people as well and would like
them to read the comments so they would know what each parameter does.

How can I fix this? Do I have to use another tag instead of "param"?




Miha Markic

Hi Saso,

Intellisense pulls information out of assemblyname.xml file (which should
reside near dll file).
Include that xml file and intellisense will happily shows the info.

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