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Hello! Friends:

My OS is Windows Vista, and I am keeping both copies of the OFFICE2007 and
OFFICE2003 in it. My preferred version is still OFFICE2003.

When I opened my XL files from the Windows Explorer, it always opened by XL
2007 even with file extension *.xls. This applies to PowerPoint too, but NOT
with WORDS (WORDS always open in 2003 version).

Any ways to change it to XL2003 when open from Windows Explorer? Thanks.

Lee CC



Chip Pearson

Try starting Excel 2003 using the /regserver switch. With Excel
closed, go to the Windows Start menu, choose Run and enter the
following and click OK.

"C:\Program Files\Office2003\Office11\Excel.exe" /regserver

Of your change the path information to point to the location in which
Excel 2003 was installed. If you are running on 64 bit windows,
"Program Files" should be "Program Files (x86)". Note that the is a
space character before /regserver

/regserver causes Excel to start, re-write all of its registry keys
and file references to "factory defaults" and then quits.

Also, you can go to the Control Panel (on Windows Start menu,
Settings, Control Panel), choose "Default Program" then "Associate a
file type or protocol with a program", scroll down the list until you
see "xls", click "Change Program", click "Browse", navigate to
Excel.exe in your Office 2003/Office11 folder in Program Files, and
choose Excel.exe.

Finally if you are really intrepid and know what you're doing in the
registry, you can modify the keys for the .xls class to point to your
Office 2003 version of Excel. I wouldn't recommend the Registry method
unless you are really sure what you're doing.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP
Excel Product Group
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC
(email on web site)




Thanks, Gentleman

I managed to change it through the Control Panel/Default Program/....

It is easier that way. Thanks again.


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